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Mom and I love a good, fun and successfull weekend at Scott's Antiques in Atlanta. It has started to be a tradition that she and I do once a year together. We start Friday when the doors open and stay until they close on Saturday night.  Let me sum it up for you--9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. for two days straight. We have not been on a Thursday yet but there has been talk that that might need to happen in the near future so we can get first dibs on things that have already been sold by Friday morning.

It goes until Sunday--but by Saturday night damage has been done and we have to force ourselves not to stay another day.  We don't leave the property-- It is a joint effort decision to make ourselves stop to eat and go to the bathroom.  It is serious business when we shop together. I guess you could say we are hard-core? It is such a fun time looking, buying, getting ideas, people watching and spending time together!

There is no denying that I am my mother's daughter (here she is!)

My parent's bought some land in Belzoni, Ms. so the main purpose for this trip to Scott's was to buy things to furnish the 2 small houses/cabins and a barn (which is being turned into a living space.)  I wish I had taken pictures of everything but I was too excited and focused on shopping to snap photos.  But here are a few that I snapped--

 Safety first!!

It is kind of a given that we had to get a U-haul to carry all of our goodies back to Birmingham/Jackson.  Poor planning and one small U-haul later--we ended up having to strap down a table on the roof!!  I don't know how but we made it home in one piece but we did....

Then, this past weekend my sister and her children came to visit me---look at this cute little girl getting so big and smiling all the time!  I squeezed her all weekend....

Hope everyone is having a good week and stays dry from Isaac!


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