white bedroom style

Hello Monday! Where do the weekends go? Can't believe March is already sneaking up on us too. I am looking forward to Spring and the warmer weather coming our way.
We got our King mattress delivered to us on Saturday (why did we wait so long to make this transition?) I slept so good that night. So now I have been putting headboard and bedding ideas together. Can't wait to see the end result!

After looking at a million headboards and loving so many of them, I have decided to go with one similar to the picture below. I am a very basic and simple person so the moment this picture caught my eye I knew it was the look I wanted to go for. I am going to have it upholstered it in a very thin, woven ivory fabric. It will be a look that I won't get sick of and using such a neutral fabric for the headboard and bed skirt. It will allow me to go in any direction I choose for the bedding.

via Caldwell Flake Interiors

The fabric that I picked to upholster the headboard and the bed skirt
I have just recently started working at Suite Dreams in MountainBrook. It has beautiful home decor and such fabulous bedding pieces. Lucky for me that I get to play with all the pretty stuff everyday!
I have started to put ideas together for our bedding but haven't decided on anything for sure yet. I am really, really loving this..........I think it might be the one! Imagine the headboard above paired with this bedding. Perfection.

The Pearl fabric would be done into a coverlet, the grey (fog) linen would be used for a blanket at the foot of the bed and also in three Euro shams and the patterned fabric would be for two 22" pillows or a bolster.

And just because I am in the Spring/Summer mood already. I am adding this dress to my closet for all the upcoming wedding festivities. Love the bright yellow and the bell sleeves!

Here's to another great week!



  1. I love that headboard and bedroom! I would love to go for an all white/neautral bedroom if only we could keep it clean from the dogs!