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Last weekend, I went home to Jackson and hit up a Scratch and Dent Sale at SummerHouse.  It is one of my favorite Interior Design stores in Mississippi and I could purchase each and every piece in the store.  Each time I'm home, I always go take a peak. 

I was so excited when I heard they were having a Scratch and Dent sale and it just happened that I would be in town for it.  I sent my mom on Friday to scope it out for me but Saturday morning, I was there when the doors opened!!  There were still so many great things and the prices had been reduced even more....Can't beat a good sale!  I was mostly looking for anything nursery appropriate such as a chest to be used as a changing table or a chair. It was hard to refrain from buying anything else for around my house.  I didn't find either of those pieces but I did stumble upon a chair for a client's house. I snapped a few pictures for you (but off my phone so they are a little blurry-sorry!)  Here are a few pics of all the goodness.....

Loving this Emerald Green Sofa!

Small Retro Accent chair

I wanted this pair of lamps for my bedside table

Emerald Green side chair...took everything to hold me back from these

Huge grey leather ottoman

Armless, Taupe leather chair we purchased for our client.  

Another fun pair of chairs

Pillow stash

Since I didn't find one at the Scratch and Dent, I decided on another piece I had been eying from one of our favorite accounts for a chest for the nursery (that I will also use as a changing table!)   One of my favorite details is the hardware on it.  My plan is to put a tall, skinny mirror above it.  It is slowly but surely coming together :)  Check back next week to find out if my nursery is going to be pink of blue--we find out tomorrow!!! 

Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday!
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