pleased to meet you

Becca and I so are excited to be bloggers!!  We hope this will be a great landing spot for current projects and ideas.  This is my first post, so here goes nothing:)  This past weekend, I finally got to meet Becca's new main man, this hot thing Simms.....he sure is cute!!

I want a puppy so bad, but I just travel so much right now that I can't justify it.

I have wasted spent countless hours searching for and reading blogs that i love, and logging into my google reader every morning is my favorite thing!!! I have been doing some design projects here and there on the side ever since I interned with one in college, so I'm hoping that this blog will be a great outlet for that!!  For now, here's some recent Pinterest pretties that are inspiring me lately!

I love all white.....

But all that color is really fun too!!

That's all for today!


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