princess kate

I totally feel this way about this chick.  I am jealous of her.  She has it made.  I am also a big Pippa fan, but she can be a little scandalous.....Kate is always so classy and I want every outfit that she wears.

Unlike her, I am NOT winning the gold medal of life today.  A million work issues and every other thing that could go wrong has.  I am sitting at the beach working while everyone else is having a nice glass of wine out there watching the sunset.  Miserable.  I hope to see the water tomorrow if all goes as planned:)

Anyway, that's all for today!!  Becca is always getting on to me for never posting but look who's behind now..........

Hope everyone's weekend is great!  I can't wait to see friends and enjoy this beautiful weather.

Happy almost TGIF!!!


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