I am back from Paris, unfortunately, and it was so much fun!! I went with my sweet cousin and her two kids, and we had the absolute best time.  She took most of the pictures, so these are either iPhone pictures or from my camera that only works half the time....so excuse the quality!  As soon as I get pictures from her I will post those bc they are much better.  We did everything we could pack into 7 days, and even took the train to Versailles one day. These pictures do not do the week justice bc we did much more than I have pictures to include!  But for now, here goes!!  

My flight was overnight, therefore I did not sleep for 48 straight hours--when I got off the plane at 9 a.m. and got to the hotel, we headed straight to the Louvre to see this chick....

I wasn't too impressed with Mona Lisa.  There were people everywhere just staring at her and you had to wait in line forever to get close enough to really see.  It was perhaps the least impressive piece of art there in my opinion--apart from the fact that she does seem to be staring right at you.  Anyway, then on the way to dinner we saw this pretty sight...

I love that shot!

Notre Dame--i love that stained glass window of prophets

 The Seine (how cute is "little" Lars who is 14 now and 6 inches taller than me...)

Coco Chanel's Apartment--which is still above the Chanel store on Rue Cambon--it's now their "Couture Dressing Room"

Hotel Crillon--the nicest hotel in Paris!

This is an Abercrombie and Fitch on the Champs Elysees that had a line wrapped around the building every time we passed.  I don't understand.  


Lucky Ms. Ella turning 11 in Paris!

On top of the Eiffel Tower!  (Side Note-If you are going to Paris, purchase tickets beforehand for everything to avoid lines--especially the Eiffel Tower.  In order to avoid the 4 hour line to ride the elevator from the ground to the top, we got in the 15 minute line that allows you to "get the full experience" and walk 1000 stairs up to the second level and then get on a different elevator to the top from there.  1000 steps is a lot.  Plan ahead.)

At the Lido my last night

Paris makes Memphis seem very boring.  I've actually been back for over a week but it has taken me a very long time to get caught up with work and everything else.  It was totally worth it though and such a fun trip--- although my french could use a little work and I had a few cab experiences that made me wish I knew more than 3 words.  And Becca, I did bring you back a happy:)

Also-I was under the incorrect impression that there would be internet on my 10 hour flight.  There was not, so I was without entertainment.   I can not sleep on planes and the movie choices were Shrek 1-3.... I did not like my options.  So I read four books and I would recommend every one one of them!!  Kisses from Katie (Warning-this will make you feel like you should sell your house and car and move to Africa.  It was the best book--and very convicting.  This girl is amazing.), Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy (I love the Kennedy's), Where we Belong and Gone Girl.  

Hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend and a productive Sunday getting ready for the week!  Have a good one!


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