I really love summer--the beach is my favorite place and i love to travel period.  I'm heading to the beach for one last get away next weekend.....

However, it is hot and I am so ready for a more set schedule, football (or the grove at least) and cooler weather.  Fall weather is my absolute favorite and I'm ready for boots and tights.  And I've been so busy.  I feel like I've worked every hour I've been awake.....so I poured myself a glass of wine to make this evening more bearable:)

I started a new Bible study this week that I'm very excited about---but it meets on Mondays and then Wednesday mornings at 5:45...I'm going to have to start going to bed earlier because this week it has killed me!!  The 5k for a charity I do the volunteer to do the accounting for has its annual 5k on Saturday (another early morning) and work has been really busy as well.  As soon as the 5k is over, I'm heading out of town for over a week so I have bags to pack as well.  I stumbled across this little devotional earlier today though and I thought I would share...so true, people.

What I really need is to be better organized i have decided so i ordered this baby in green today....

I love a new planner.  Last year, I decided to use my phone/iPad/etc as my planner but that didn't work as well as I had hoped.  It made me a nervous wreck all the time--I would put meetings, etc, in and then when the reminder popped up an hour before and I had completely forgotten about them it was an unpleasant surprise.  So back to paper it is!  If you haven't checked out Erin Condren's website go take a look.

Moving on, in the spirit of the cooler weather that will surely come soon, here are a few items I need immediately, all courtesy of Pinterest.

(p.s. this is a steal.  i picked this baby up today myself:)  

Leather peplum..

p.s. this sweater is old navy i believe...

olivia palermo always looks perfect.  

 Tibi--I always want everything

If only money grew on trees.  Oh well.  Happy Almost Friday everyone--I will leave you with some helpful inspiration for these long, busy days.  

Happy Weekend!!


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