tory days

I can't believe I have lived in Birmingham 3 years. Time goes by way too fast! Before living in Birmingham, I lived in the GREAT city of Atlanta!!!  I loved every minute of my time spent there for many different reasons.  Atlanta is full of so many things---some of my favorite restaurants, excellent shopping resources, endless things to see and do!! But most importantly some dear friends that made my time there special and a stage of life I will always remember.

A few of those friends were those that I met while working at Tory Burch. It was one of those jobs that I would never do again but am so glad I was given the opportunity to have. The perks from working there were the friendships made, awesome Tory Burch discounts (oh how I miss those), and getting to meet Tory herself.  I also learned how to forfeit my social life to work every weekend:)  At any rate, I am thankful for the memories and fun times that were had!

 I was stalking her new fall line and found a few new things I could use for myself #inmydreams. The good thing about most of her pieces is that they are timeless and classic.

  “There are no rules about what you can and can’t do anymore. I love a biker jacket worn over a gown. It’s about experimentation and a sense of creativity. Women are more empowered than they’ve ever been.”
-Tory Burch

I am off to Nashville this weekend to celebrate a sweet friend getting married in 9 weeks! Cheers to the weekend + one extra day!


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