coastal living + some other happies

Isaac let up a bit so I ended up heading to the beach for Labor Day after all, but not before stopping off in Birmingham to see my girl and this cute little man that has gotten much bigger since my last visit.  He goes away to "camp" next weekend and I am not sure his parents are going to know what to do without him chewing things up everywhere:).......

It was so nice to get one last beach getaway in, the weather was perfect and this cute bachelorette had a great time I think!  The wedding is less than 2 months away and I can't believe it....I've grown up with this sweet girl and couldn't be more happy for her!! 

We ended up changing locations halfway through the long weekend, so another friend from home (mother of this cute thing that just turned 1) and I volunteered to wait on sheets to dry, etc, while the other girls headed to the other side of Destin for the last part of our trip.  I conned her into visiting the Coastal Living Idea home (which I have mentioned numerous times before) and it was so great!  It is all over the internet by this point, but that Erika Powell sure is talented!!

LOVED the hardware throughout the whole house--those square handles are so unique.  

 Erika Powell Painted this cute Ping Pong table to match the house, but I really love the greek key nail head stools beneath!

LOVED the Floors--they were the same throughout the entire house!

Grace took a little cat nap in these chairs...roomie chaise lounges are the best!

Moving on, look at this great project that I am getting started on....

Pretty, yes.  However, her owners are 12 hours away right now (moving back to TN by Christmas though) so most decisions will be made via email and phone.  Becca will be helping me with this lovely residence (perhaps another trip to Scott's??) and the owners have great taste so I can't wait to see how it turns out.  

I'm heading to Oxford tomorrow and can't wait to get to the grove for the first time this season!!  I think we are just going for a little day trip but I'm sure it will still be fun!  I don't really care that much about football, but I love seeing everyone in the grove.  It's unfortunately still very hot so I'm not so sure how that will work out...I'm SO ready for fall weather!  Someone in marketing finally got smart and this little chart is super helpful for all Ole Miss fans.....guess I better find something red!!

Happy Weekend EVERYONE!!!


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