baby bear

I have to share my little nugget...

(I know I look creepy, but how cute it my little bear) 

Can you stand it.  I hold her all day, which is not very conducive to working or eating or sleeping.  Speaking of sleeping, she doesn't like to do that yet, nor does she like to tee tee where we ask her too or sit in her crate like a good girl.  She also prefers to be carried or held, rather than to walk, but she LOVES her mama the best and that makes me very happy.  She cries when I leave the room, and I love that.  So I try not to leave the room that much:)  She is very spoiled (can you tell?)


(i included our coffee maker for scale purposes)

She will be staying with her very generous Aunt Carolyn this weekend while we go to the Ole Miss game in New Orleans, and I know I won't have any fun I will miss her so much.  Speaking of Ole Miss, I spent last weekend in Oxford for the Ole Miss/Texas game with most of my favorite people and it was so much fun!  A fun dinner with friends on Friday night, wedding party on Saturday morning, afternoon in the PACKED grove and then late game made for a looooong weekend.  Of course we didn't win, or come anywhere close, but it was still pretty fun!

We picked up this perfection on the way home Sunday and Will said I was going to make her blind before we got her home I took so many pictures/made him take so many pictures.  Nonsense.  Here are some more because I know everyone cares so much....

There she is!  She is weighing in at 4 lbs and 4 oz, so we have to be very careful.....she sneaks up on you out of nowhere and is QUITE easy to miss.

And one last picture...here is Essie's favorite fur friend and future boyfriend (when she can date), Simms, before his really sad mommy and daddy dropped him off at camp on their way to Oxford on Friday night.....

I hope he is doing well at camp and learning lots, bc I know his momma is missing him already!  But perhaps her view for the week is helping to ease her pain....

Yep, Becca's at Rosemary with her family and I am quite jealous.  But trying to have a productive week anyway, even with a puppy in my arms constantly:)  Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!


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