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Happy Sunday everyone!  We spent the weekend in the Delta for a wedding and had so much fun.  A good portion of our Saturday afternoon was spent in Marigold and Mound Bayou at the McCarty's Pottery and Peter's Pottery, so my Christmas shopping is almost all done!  I also picked up a few happies for myself, of course!

Moving on, finally a little update on my latest project.  Maybe I'm late to the game, but last week we got a random Home Decorators magazine in the mail and I flipped through it in the car yesterday.  I needed a few more items for the house, although we are working with a good deal of the client's current furniture.  I looked up the website, and it has so much good stuff (and really reasonable)!  I just placed an order for a few items......

There is a cute little bar connecting the Kitchen and Den, with stainless steel appliances.  It's going to be a deep navy color, and will have a vintage bamboo bar cart that belonged to the owner's grandmother (painted glossy white).  I think these stools will be perfect, particularly because it's a very relaxed area.  They will also complement the galvanized pendants over the island in the kitchen.

This great chair for additional seating in the formal sitting room.  

These ceiling mounts will be used in a few different spaces throughout the home.

This custom upholstered skirted queen bench will be great in the master bedroom in velvet pool.  This site has lots of great headboards, seating, etc that can be custom upholstered.  I'm also looking at some of the dining room chairs in cream linen.

And finally, this mirror for the bathroom in the nursery! 

I will be going to make sure the colors flow well together on Wednesday, but they wanted a blue, grey, and white pallet, as you can see, so I'm hoping the colors we chose mix together well!  For some reason the virtual paint chips won't upload so I won't bore you with a list of colors, but thats ok bc they really look so different on walls anyway!  Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

Oh and ONE more thing.  If you get a minute, say a prayer for this sweet little boy and his family.  Through my volunteer work with the Forrest Spence Fund, I hear stories like this all the time and they always break my heart.  I have some mutual friends with this family, though, and they have really done so much to raise awareness for St. Jude and the wonderful work that it does.  Ingram is finally finished with Chemo, so hopefully things will be looking up soon for this precious family.


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