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I have given in. I have always slept in a Queen size bed so I guess you could say I don't know any differently to what a King size bed would offer plus I am totally content with my bed now. However, Weldon has begged me since we have been married to allow us to get a King size for our bedroom and move the one that we currently sleep on every night (that I just had made a few years ago) to the guestroom. Since there have been so many things we needed more for our house, we  I have put in on the bottom of the list. Well, the birthday boy got his wish and we are now in the market for a King size bed.
I guess the fun part for me means that I get to choose a headboard and all new bedding! I don't really want it to look the same as my headboard now but I do still want to keep it plain and simple. I am definitely going to take my time and shop around to find exactly what I love!

This is a (bad) picture of our queen size headboard. The fabric is a light grey with bronzed nailheads. I put all solid white bedding with it. You can see how basic it is but I love it!

Here are a few of the headboard "looks" I am loving:

I probably would tweak the shape of the headboard, not crazy about that shape


Source Unknown

I can't wait to see what all is out there! But if I don't find what I am looking for, I will search for a fabric and have one custom made. I will keep you posted!


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