this and that thursday


 I pinned these faux leather leggings on Pinterest earlier this fall and ordered them immediately, especially after receiving so many positive reviews on them. They are probably one of my favorite pants I have ever ordered. They suck you in like no other, making you look extra slim. You will be glad you added these to your wardrobe. I wear them all the time, probably too much. 

Tory Burch Irene Equestrian Calf Boot

I was in need of a new pair of boots this fall/winter and these were my pick of the litter. Love that they are two-toned, makes them very versatile for any outfit and they are so comfortable. 


I have been in the mood lately to do something different to my hair. I chopped it last summer and it has finally gotten longer which I think I like for right now but my hair is very fine and thin so it doesn't do much. I am thinking thin side bangs and going a shade lighter

Heaven in your mouth. I had these at a Bible study Christmas party a few days ago and they are too die for delicious. I never know what to get co-workers or neighbors for Christmas happies so I am cooking up these yummies up tonight. Tis' to the junk food holiday season


Pinterest has inspired me lately to want to wallpaper a small area in my house. I am thinking our guest bathroom or our entry way. I have found several out there that I love. My entire house is neutral which I really like however, a small space with a fabulous wallpaper would be a nice "break" from the simple wall color-scheme I have going on.

 I'm inspired! Are you!?

Happy Thursday!



  1. I liked the faux leather pants you posted. What brand is it? Where can I get it from? thx!

  2. Sorry it did not link-up to the their website but they are from Zara and run true to size. Zara is having a storewide sale starting tomorrow so you might catch them on sale :) Hope this helps!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Lisa!


  3. Hi Laura! Love other Memphis bloggers--so glad you found us--we will add you to our list! We should get together in Memphis sometime soon-Happy New year!