cybil shepherd's wine rack

Good afternoon and Happy Thursday!  One of my (and Becca's) favorite activities is attending estate sales.  Sometimes they make me really sad, actually, bc in most cases it is just the family of someone who has either recently died or had to leave their home, selling all of their things that they spent a lifetime collecting.  However, they are great resources for unusual finds and often better quality furniture than you can find on the market today (they just don't make things like they used to....)

Anyway, I joined Estatesales.Net a few months back, and it sends me an email anytime there is a sale coming up in my area!  I usually skim over the emails, but this one caught my attention bc it said "celebrity family holds estate sale."  Cybil Shepard is a model turned actress from Memphis that once dated Elvis and has had a long and successful career.  She grew up in Memphis, and has lived here on and off her entire life.  Her childhood home, which her mother still occupied, was one that she came back to often (sometimes for months at a time) until her mother died in September.  When I found out that an estate sale was being hosted at her home last weekend, I had to go!

(as always, please excuse the iPhone pics--they are HORRIBLE and I had to take them quick bc you weren't allowed to snap pics) 

I am "one of those" people that LOVES celebrities.  I have actually traveled a lot, but have seen very few famous people and that is probably a good thing.  I sat next to Robert DeNiro in New York at a breakfast place once and awkwardly stared at him for an hour.  I also saw Macy Gray (probably at least 10 years after she had released a song) and followed her down three streets in L.A. before asking for her autograph.  Crazy.  I am just so intrigued by them---the limelight almost always drives them to craziness and they always seem so much more interesting than regular people.  Cybil was really close to her mother, Patty, and so she had obviously taken lots of personal items out of the house prior to the sale.  I found this video of them together at the Golden Globes in 1987---I know Cybil is a little nuts, but anyone that beats the Golden Girls out has got some talent, people.

Anyway, I was determined to buy something at Cybil's sale.  On the first morning, lots of her personal items, like her car and piano, her mother's car and I think perhaps the actual house itself, sold.  As did paintings and pictures of Cybil throughout her career....all for obviously, thousands of dollars.  I didn't actually get to the sale until Monday morning, so it was super picked over, but here are a few items that were still there....

This chest was beautiful, but had already been sold.  

 I actually almost bought these chairs to have them recovered but decided against them bc of damage to their back legs...

I also really wanted this table.  But someone bought it while I was creeping around upstairs which was dissapointing

There was also TONS of silver and crystal for sale

And this baby came home with me.  

This lucite wine rack was in the bar area and was one of the last items I saw in the house.  Someone had actually put it on hold but never came back and paid for it, so it was my lucky day.  I have already purchased gold hardware for the top edges and lucite cleaner, and I think she will clean up and be really cool!  I actually debated and decided against it, but took a picture and texted it to Becca before I left who said "go back and get it."  So I drove back across town and got it, and I am not sorry.  I love lucite and it is such an unusual piece.  We will see if I can actually find a place for it, though!  

Wish I had more pictures bc it really was a neat old house---and REALLY wish I had been able to go on Friday to see more of the stuff before it walked out the door. 

We almost made it to the weekend!!



  1. On my goodness, I am so jealous! I love lucite and that wine rack is gorgeous! Thank goodness you went back and got it. I might have to try out that website. I'm in Memphis too.


  2. Oooh, that's a gorgeous piece you found! Plus, a piece of Hollywood history. Awesome find. Was it affordable?

    -Brittany of @suburbchicblog

  3. Simply gorgeous. You are lucky Betsey you got a beautiful wine rack.

  4. This is, no doubt a classic example of a perfect wine rack. Beautiful!