baby baby baby

My new niece or nephew on the way has me paying much more attention than usual to baby things.  Baby clothes, baby fabrics, etc.....I also have 4 good friends currently pregnant, so now I'm buying baby gifts and giving baby showers instead of wedding!!

My sweet sister in law has asked for help with her nursery, but the problem is that we don't know where they will be living when the baby arrives OR whether the baby is a boy or girl.  So, we are thinking a neutral nursery and then add accents of blue or pink (or purple, green, etc) when we meet the little nugget!!

I'm still learning about the baby world, so I'd love any suggestions on places or websites for cute baby stuff!  But the following pics are our starting inspiration board so far for our little July Baby!  (Can you tell I'm an excited aunt????)

What do you think??  What baby rooms have you seen that you loved!!  I think I lean more towards gender neutral basics so that the nursery can be used for multiple children but there are some precious pink and blue rooms out there, too!

Happy weekend everybody!!


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  1. I tend to love gender neutral ones and unlike ones that look too "baby." I love all the ones you pictured especially the first one.