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I'm usually a neutrals girl when it comes to wall paint or coverings, flooring, etc.  I think a clean palette is the easiest starting point, and bringing color in through art, flowers, pillows, etc makes the most impact.

However, I love the idea of wallpapering the back of a bookcase, the inside of a pantry, a little laundry room or a great powder room.  It is unexpected touch and can create major drama in a small space.  It's a chance to depart from the "safety net" that grey walls provides and give your home some character.  Urban Outfitters is always popping up with the best little finds in their "Apartment" section and my discovery there today did not disappoint....

Removable wallpaper.  For 98 bucks (only 79 for some prints!) you can purchase a variety of self adhesive wallpapers in cool patterns that you can press on and then take off yourself!  What an easy way to brighten up a space without the same commitment that regular wallpaper requires!!!!  I am concerned that it may take a few rolls to get the job done, but I love that when you get sick of the stuff you can just peel it right off and move it to another area that needs a facelift!!  If any of you have ever removed regular old wallpaper, you know what a huge pain it is and so this idea is genius to me.  Here are some other great items I found while browsing urban today....

How cool in a bar area or even an office!  Would be so fun.  The Ampersand is cool, too!

Would be great in a more formal living room or parlor, but would be cute at the foot of a bed, too!

Love this light, it would be so cute in so many different places.  

I have a little sheepskin rug by my bed and i LOVE the way that it feels and looks.  This is a great price for a good sized rug--would be great in a bedroom, closet, bath or office!

Do you ever shop at Urban or what other "unexpected places" do you find great bargains??

Oh, and here's some happy thoughts for you as you enjoy your Sunday..

Happy Thursday!


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