cheers, 2013!

I think I'm going to like you already:)

Happy New Years!  What a great 2012 we had, but New Years Day is always one of my favorites.  I'm not big on resolutions, but I do love goals (and to-do lists!) and have lots to look forward in the new year.  

(yet another iPhone pic...my Christmas present was a great DSLR camera so I'm THRILLED to start taking better quality photos!)

For starters....I'm engaged, as sweet Becca already posted!  And we are thrilled.  Will proposed to me on the Ms. River in Natchez 2 days before Christmas and we are still on cloud nine!  We are leaning towards September 28 or October 5, but I'm learning that wedding planning (or at least date picking) can be stressful.  And I've been spending most of my new time furniture shopping bc also...

I'm going to Jackson!  (can't say that without hearing the Johnny Cash song in my head.....) Will has accepted a new position working in Jackson and will be moving there within the next few weeks.  I am sad to leave Memphis and this has all happened so, so fast.  I've made great friends and gotten very involved with some organizations that I truly love in Memphis.  It was a happy 5 years that I will always cherish, but I'm excited about so many new beginnings.  We have already house hunted over the holidays and narrowed it down to two--both in the same little neighborhood.  I won't be moving for a few months, but since Will is moving in just a few weeks we have to hit the ground running to get everything settled.  I'm excited to have my first "house" to decorate and be closer to lots of sweet friends--lots to look forward to in Jackson!  I may be more excited about that part than the wedding planning part (just kidding, Will!!) 

And also, I'm going to be an aunt.  My brother and sister in law are expecting and I can't wait to help  welcome their first baby on July 11!  They told us the night before Will proposed and it was a happy Christmas season for my family indeed!  Blessed beyond measure.

And finally, the move to Jackson and the new year marks some big career changes for me that I have been easing into for a long time.  Becca and I have lots of projects in the works for the first part of 2013 that we can't wait to show you.  The super talented Susan of J.Press Designs created our new business cards for us and we are so excited to start spending more time doing what we love.  We haven't used this blog to document our projects much previously, but our "goal" for 2013 is to start doing more of that.  (But if you're interested, we can gladly send you our portfolio and references...!)  Life gets so busy, but we are excited to spend more time in 2013 focused on what we love.  

Cheers to 2013--May it be the best yet!


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