treats for tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  What a fun weekend we had, I'm just now recovering!  We went to the Compass Bowl in Birmingham and stayed with Becca, Weldon and Simms and had a blast!

my fiance!!!

I'm heading to Jackson this weekend for a baby shower for a sweet friend, Mae, and I am helping with a conference for MBA students at Ole Miss for the rest of this week, so I'm on the road AGAIN all week.  Can't complain but it is so hard to be gone all the time and I am a horrible packer.  I always overpack which makes finding things while traveling impossible and unpacking back home so much harder.

For these reasons I am trying to justify my need for the following purchases:

(perfect size, fits everything)

(bc my poor Macbook is usually thrown into my work bag with no cover)

(I may try harder to pack in one bag if this was my bag....)

I ordered some cute cards to send to bridesmaids and wedding party from the very talented Brittany Fuson last week, and they just came in today.  I LOVE them, but I won't show them to you until I've had the chance to actually send them out!!!  I wanted to add our wedding date to them (which we are 90% settled on now, thank goodness) and came across this site that claims to turn your handwriting into a font.  Has anyone ever used it or one like it?  I am not sure what printing the date on the cards would look like, but I don't want to wait 2 weeks to send them back off to be printed.....what to do!!

All of our house hunting has had me really excited about getting to decorate our new home, so I've been spending lots of free time looking for inspiration.  Here are some images that helped make my Tuesday go by a bit faster!

And that abstract mirror reminds me of this great Etsy vendor that has cool stuff for extremely reasonable prices--would be so cute in a guest bath or home office for a pop of color!

I'm off to bed!!


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  1. I have loved Brittany Fuson's designs for a while, great choice! Also that website that turns your handwriting into a fond sounds pretty cool. I've never tried it. So exciting!!