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Happy Tuesday! I am finally back home after being gone for over a week. It's good to be home but it was nice being able to work side by side with Betsey and getting so much accomplished in Memphis! I am looking forward to her moving to Jackson so I can see her that much more when I go home. So excited about all of the upcoming plans with their new house purchase!

 I went to Jackson last weekend to celebrate a friend's wedding. She was a stunning bride and the wedding was beautiful. It was the perfect wedding weekend celebrating a sweet friend!

       Rehearsal Dinner
  Pretty Bride

The flower arrangements were amazing

It's been awhile since I've gone back through my pins on Pinterest. I like to do this occasionally to grab fresh ideas. Since we have a few different projects going on right now, I thought I would pull a few of my favorite pins together.

Painting doors a pop of color to make them stand out

 Modern Art for any room

Nailhead Detail Wall in the Entry

Neutral Colors

Gallery Wall of Mirrors

Bookshelf Styling

On a completely different note can we talk about the Bachelor last night. During Bachelor/Bachelorette season it becomes my Monday night weakness. This is not one of my favorite seasons by any means but I am still in tune in keeping up with what is going on....the entertainment is addicting and I love to see the places they get to go. At this point, I would have to say my favorite is AshLee. She's beautiful and one of the only ones that seem normal and down to earth.

Last night, Tierra did it again....showing up on the other girl's group date. She is plain cra cra but it wouldn't be half the entertainment if there wasn't a crazy in the group. The previews for part 2 tonight have me very anxious and excited....

  Happy Tuesday!

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