guest room redeux!

I'm helping a friend with her "guest room redo" where both space and functionality are a major issue!  Currently, her second (extremely small) bedroom is a catch all that need some serious organization and smart pieces to make it a place that she can actually use on a day to day basis.  Because she lives alone, she also needs an extra bed for visitors, but her day to day job also necessitates an office.

Because space is certainly an issue, and I like for rooms to look like they have a single purpose while being multifunctional rather than the adverse (i.e. I prefer for a room to look pulled together rather than a catchall!) we decided to go with this beauty from Serena and Lily.

It's the perfect daybed to me--a trundle down below so can easily sleep two people, but clean and sleek and looks more like a bench or settee than an old school trundlebed!  As always, we decided to go neutral and are bringing in color through some leontine linens throw pillows with her monogram in a dark purple, and mirroring with linen curtains in the same aubergine color on the window.  

The desk will be this beauty, accompanied with a great white leather chair.  We are going to look for the perfect rug today, but I'm leaning towards natural cowhide.

And I found this great piece that satisfies form and function, but will hopefully help her keep organized while having her things in easy to reach and find storage as well.  

We haven't decided for sure on Art, but I'm thinking a BIG mirror above the daybed to open up the space, and a cool art collection above the metal piece.  Maybe start her own little gallery wall.....

And just so you can see what an artist I am, here's the quick drawing I did for her to show placement (it's ok to laugh......)

Oh, and we plan to finish the room off with this chandelier!  (perhaps the loveliest part of my drawing)

What are your thoughts!  I decided to save the "before" room pics for the reveal, so you could compare.  I am hoping this will be a completely functional space for her and one that allows her to USE her space much more efficiently!!

Oh, and by the way, is this week dragging or what??  We close on our house on Friday, and I can't WAIT to share pictures with you.  I'll be rolling up my sleeves and learning to paint this weekend it seems.....stay tuned!


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