spring stylin'

With all these major home purchases lately, I've been spending most of my disposable income on fabrics, lamps and rugs!!  But with our engagement pictures looming (already rescheduled them once!) I decided to treat myself to a few new goodies for spring last weekend.  It is actually FREEZING cold in Memphis so shopping for spring is hard to do....I made these purchases from the comfort of my couch with a coffee in hand:) 

Love this plain red shift dress, and the scallop detail is so cute!  I think solid colors look best in pictures, and I hope this dress will work for years since it's so simple!

And while you're checking at out J. Crew, you might want to snag some of these goodies for yourself as well!  Jenna Lyons knows what she is doing, people.  

I also picked up these cute flops by one of my favorite designers, and see myself being able to get a TON of wear out of the black and tan combo.  

I'm also obsessed with this cute new bikini I ordered, and think it will be perfect for sunnier days that are surely around the corner!  It has scallop detail bottoms, too, but you can't see them from the pic.

And I'm trying to think of an occasion to wear a great long dress (surely I can think of something this summer!) so I can justify ordering this Rebecca Taylor number (it's on sale!)....

Have you guys heard of Amy Head cosmetics??  Maybe not if you're not from the South, but you should look her up immediately if not.  Becca turned me on to her blushes back in college, but now I wear almost all of her products.  They are very lightweight but all have a little shine to them (the blushes have a built in highlighter) that make you instantly look awake!  And for me these days....that's a major feat!!

Order a few treats for yourself and you WONT be disappointed--what easier way to kick off your spring wardrobe??  Here are a few of my recommendations...

Her gold eye shimmer will revamp any of your old eyeshadows if you just pop a little on the middle of your lid.  Great for special occasions but also subtle enough for every day!

I LOVE this lipstick--it's not as bright on as it looks online, but it's got the perfect amount of shimmer.  And, as the name suggests...it's everyone's favorite for a reason!

And here is that blush that I mentioned earlier....Becca has used it religiously since college, and so have I!  It's great on it's on or used as a highlighter to warm you up when the winter has left you pasty!

Well I'm off to pack some more as the moving van (aka my daddy and fiance) is coming for my furniture tomorrow.  It's a bittersweet time for me--I'm excited for the move but will be sad to leave Memphis, too.  Here's to being a nomad until September 28!!  I'll be bunking up with my brother and sister in law for a while, and on the road constantly between Jackson and Memphis!!  Lots of coffee consumption these days, folks...:)

Happy Easter Weekend!!


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