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We have lots of exciting info coming soon.  Life is slowing down for me, thank goodness, and Becca and I have some surprises up our sleeve to show you all!  In the meantime we will be spending the next few weeks with Holiday Wishlists, projects from our own homes and others that we have helped with, some great home tours and guest posts.

With all of the many great resources out there these days (blogs, Pinterest, Houzz, wholesale and retail websites) one of the main reasons we wanted to start this blog was to have a landing page for our favorite designs and the rooms and spaces that inspire us the most.  Since it can get overwhelming with so many social media outlets these days, we wanted to have a place to aggregate our favorites!  This blog has taken a kind of backseat to our 9-5 jobs, but since interior design is our passion we have decided to be more dedicated. We've had several new projects land in our laps, and we have decided to tackle them together...but more on that later!

The first up is My Chic Nest.  They offer innovative design thats very customizable, in a range of materials, colors, etc.  Check these out...

And a here is just a preview of the Fabrics available--

Please note that subtle striations may appear in the velvet upholsteries.
Mocha: YP036-2Gold: YP036-7Moss: YP036-5Vert: YP036-6Peacock: YP036-13Blue Smoke: YP036-14Mineral: YP036-25Rhubarb: YP036-10Scarlet: YP036-8Fuchsia: YP036-24 Wine: YP036-19Plum: YP036-23Java: YP036-3Black Plum: YP036-26
Snow: A834Pebble: A835Saddle: A839Copper: A853Oxford: A851Charcoal: A833
Cotton Blend
Beaver: YF10010-20Mercury: B-3
Pewter: 901-10Lake: 9033-4Natural: WF69C-01

Happy Monday!


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