father's day gift guide

Almost time to celebrate how much we LOVE our dad's....Happy Father's Day! It is always a special day to recognize them for all they do plus a good excuse to shower them with gifts :) It is their turn every once in a while, right? Right. However, year after year it gets harder and harder to pick those perfect gifts. I feel like we give the same gifts over and over but thankfully my dad loves new clothes so lucky for us he doesn't mind our repetitiveness.

Check out some of these perfect gifts for your
                              SOUTHERN man                               

Bow ties are the perfect accessory..

Cute T-Shirts....

Polo's in every color...

Hats and Visors perfect for the summer months....

Love it all!

The other site that I really like is Five Mile. This site changes inventory often, so if you see something you like, get it because it will be gone as soon as they sell out. It is fun to see what comes and goes!

My dad will open this on Father's Day this year. I love it. He actually really likes pink but it did come in 2 other colors. Sorry it isn't letting me display the picture :( so just click on the link

I love these shoes. I really like all of their shoe selection. I know someone that could really use a new pair of slip-on's.....might just have to order them soon.

Happy Shopping! You have a few more days :)


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