happy anniversary to these two sweeties!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to sweet Becca and Weldon!!  One year and one beautiful child dog later--time sure does fly!  This time last year we were on the way to their very fun reception at River Hills after the sweetest ceremony ever.  It was such a fun weekend.....here are some pics...

Prettiest little bride!!

 (don't mind my creepy double jointed arm ruining the picture)

Congratulations!!  I really can't believe its been a year---i totaled a car on the way to their wedding so I guess happy anniversary to me, too:)

I have been doing quite a bit of traveling (both for work and fun) lately and it's not going to get much better over the next few weeks.  I will be back tomorrow though!!  Oh and hope everyone had the happiest father's day---I got to spend it with my sweet Daddy and I was very blessed to do so.  I think I have the best daddy in the world!!

Isn't he cute.  This picture is from my brothers engagement party a few summers back--he loves that Ole Miss Colonel Reb tie and always wears it:)

Hope everyone's weekend was wonderful and Monday was tolerable!!!


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