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We are headed to Jackson this weekend for a wedding! I am looking forward to seeing everyone and celebrating the marriage of  a long-time best high school friend and the sweet guy she is marrying!!!

I picked up this dress for the rehearsal dinner.
 Except my color block is the hot pink and gray....it will definitely be a staple go-to dress for the summer!
I love the way Parker fits and all of their pieces are so comfortable!! Lots of pictures to come from this fun weekend.

The house we bought was built in the early 1900's so alot of its features are older. For example, we have a room that doesn't have any ceiling light and that room happens to be our dining room where our card table kitchen table is. Hoping to purchase a real table in the near future but it totally works for now. We never eat in there because it is a dark depressing room lit only by a lamp and the outside light. It's hard to see the person across from you and the food on your plate....might not be such a bad thing when I am cooking but nonetheless, we need LIGHT. I am SO excited about our new purchase...we will be installing this pretty as soon as she makes her debut on our front doorstep!

Rewind back to Memorial Day weekend....which was spent in the Delta riding 4-wheelers, cooking-out, drinking wine, Jackson, slip-in-slides and being with family! I will post pictures soon. It was such a fun weekend with my family!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous week and weekend ahead!!


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