holiday wish list

I don't know about everyone else, but I spend LOTS of time making a wish list every year.  It is usually full of random little things that I would never buy myself (well, with the exception of a few things that I have ALREADY bought myself...)  but have stalked online for quite sometime.

Enter the pigs....
Aren't they ADORABLE!  They are on my list this year--my mom thought it was the weirdest thing to ask for, but I think they will be just perfect on my shelf.  

And this cow...

I love a cow painting, and this one is so affordable (love etsy) and would look great with a big cream mat and cool gold frame.  Its on canvas paper, not actual framed canvas, so more framing options.

We always get "Christmas Eve" pajamas at my house.  I have already purchased the first pair for myself from tar-jay and think Santa may have his eye on the second little number!

And these Leather Gloves from J Crew, too!

You can ALWAYS use a new pair of gloves and I honestly don't own a good pair.  These would last me lots of winters and I love the pop of color with a boring black or white winter coat (but they do come in lots of more realistic colors of course).

And while we are on the topic of J Crew, I could make a list a mile long and wouldn't be disappointed in THIS baby

or these!
I also LOVE to get books!  I have far more in my little space than I have room for already, but I usually spend a substantial part of Christmas break reading and love to get new books.  These are a few on my list this year..

Celebrate (love Pippa-and congrats on being an aunt, girl.  what a lucky royal baby)

Grace  (would be thrilled to get this book on such a cool lady)

Nate Berkus:  The Things That Matter (this may or may not have been an early Christmas gift to myself as well---would definitely reccomend, though!)

Vintage Remix (I have wanted this one for a long time and never pulled the trigger)

I also love Cook Books and have searched high and low for a copy of this literary masterpiece as I seem to have misplaced this favorite little friend..

And since I've brought them up, I think THIS would make the best gift for anyone.....I know I am missing at least one disc from each season and would love to make my collection complete.  
And for fun little stocking stuffers....magazine subscriptions make great gifts, personalized stationary or notepads from one of the many up and coming graphic artists on the web or a fun monthly subscription (I have been a faithful Birchbox subscriber for quite a while now) are all great ideas!  

And this little beauty who is currently cuddled up beside me snoring wanted me to remind everyone not to forget their fur babies this Christmas.  New treats and dog toys for all!!  

Speaking of my little angel, that's her at the beach, Thanksgiving week....forgot to share this picture before!! As you can see, she ate her share of sand and LOVED her first trip to Florida!  What she did not love as much was her mother trying to get her in the Christmas spirit later that week....

No more costumes for Essie!  She bit me and Will both as we tried to get her out of costume and wouldn't look at me for 24 hours.  This costume was really a bit too small so I think that made the experience all the more painful for her...I guess it's time to start buying smalls instead of x-smalls.  They grow up so fast:(  (just kidding, obviously.  she is a whopping 7.2 pounds now!!) 

I have spent this rainy Sunday marking off quite a few items on my list for other people, which is a GREAT feeling!!  I'm usually running around on Christmas Eve trying to finish.  Giving is so much better than receiving anyway, and we are all so blessed with far more than we need anyway.  But while there is certainly so much more to Christmas than gifts, it is such a fun way to celebrate the people we love and spend time with friends and family.

Hope your weekend was full of holiday parties and fun!!


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